Family Weekend

SO there was another night of flannels and handles. The rum is now gone. 

My ex-boyfriends good friend texted me. It was super tempting to venture off campus to hang out with him. I didn’t. Good for me. 

Instead, I wandered off to the KS house to boss at flip cup. A regular DL hookup avoided me like the plague. He’s an interesting character. I haven’t cracked the motive on that nut yet. 

My partner in crime wanted to head to the KA house for some other-half time. One of my regulars was slightly creeping. Pledge Ryan fetched me beers. My new fav pledge. I got the awesome opportunity to play giant pong, like trashcans and kickballs. Won. Won. Lost. Totally made my night. 

Moseyed back to KS to frolic with an ex-like character in my life. I don’t regret my decision of staying at his place last night. However, the trip back home was not the funnest. I ran into too many people. 

Now, I get to pretend to be completely sober as I mingle with my family, eat pancakes, and run my sorority’s photo booth. Go me. 


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