Snow Luge

In honor of the Olympics and the snow that’s carpeting our campus, a fraternity built an actual snow luge. It took them all day and it was totally worth the anticipation. 

Mentally prepared with Bacardi and flip cup. Champed it as always. Snow luged for a bit. It was cold, but whatever. That’s what drunk is for. 

Ended up in KS. Preached to my future grand little about the importance of “playing the game.” Displaying eagerness and following him around the frat house is not the key, but glances across the room, dancing with sisters, and continuously sipping liquid confidence is. Gotta reel em in with confidence. Stay classy, ladies. 

Played the game to be a true role model. Left with my ex 15 minutes later. Winner. Jesus, I miss him. He’s the best big spoon. 


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