Death by 151

So after a romantic dinner date at BWW with my FWB, we got a sudden text proclaiming a date party. Something along the lines of zip tie handcuffs and a fifth. Sounds like my kind of affair. 

Since it was barely past 9, the ABC store was closed. I couldn’t get something reasonable, so I went for my fifth of 151 rum. Poor choice even if it was already half gone. 

Arrived to the party scene, zip tied, stole a chaser. Champed that 151. Made comments about wanting to set it on fire. Glowed. 

Left the party for beer. Threw up in a parking lot. FWB took me home. Hooked up all over the place, including the shower. Ended up being the drunk crying girl, but FWB pulled me back together. I think. Didn’t sleep till 5 en la mañana. 

Finding my clothes this morning was like a scavenger hunt. 


I’m exhausted and still slightly drunk, but today is big/little reveal so napping isn’t really an option. Damn. 


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