Glow me.

I’m disappointed. Whenever I interact with PKP brothers, I always end up with a hilariously awkward story to share. But I didn’t end up finding any winners. 

They had a glow party last night. I dressed in my best neon, painted war stripes onto my face, played rum roulette, and ventured into the cold. It took a bit to get in because they were at full capacity, but we made it happen. 

FWB finished his beer; I threw the can across the room. I hope it hit someone annoying.

Got bored, peaced out to KA, played drunk volleyball with a kickball. Left for FWB’s place. Spilled my feelings to him. I really need to stop doing that until I actually decide what I want my next step to be. 

Fell asleep at 6 am, woke up at 8:45 because I had to do an all-day videoshoot for one of my classes. I was absolutely still drunk when I arrived. Go me. 



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