“Providing to Minors”

So there it was: a typical Margarita Monday on a Wednesday. I was writing the standard post-marg drunk paper when the RA’s come in saying that security was coming because of an underage drinking report. All we were doing was sipping and playing Super Smash Bro’s. No ragers were to be had that night. WTF?

Someone we knew definitely reported us. I was ready to rip him to shreds. 

Security raided the place and found my bottle of tequila. I claimed it as mine. Since I was drinking in the presence of minors, I got reported for providing to minors. They poured out my Jose Cuervo. Bitches. I have a meeting with some suits tomorrow. Totally arguing the point. 

Let me share with you a texting conversation: [WY] Hey babe keep me posted [ME] Slightly fucked. They found my tequila. Providing to minors. [WY] FUCK I’m sorry!!! [ME] Lol wateva

I’m glad I drowned my fucks in alcohol last night. 


Updates to follow. 



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