Pardi Gras

So I spent the past 5 days in NOLA at Mardi Gras.

Went to bourbon street a few times. Flashed for YOLO and some killer stuff. Drank the classics: Hurricanes and Grenades. 

Got double margaritas at Superior and frolicked around the LSU kids. 

Went to a couple balls, including Rex. The open bar was my favorite part.

Danced drunk in heels and a floor-length gown, but kept it classy – with champagne in hand.  

Got driven around by personal drivers. Ten times better than taxis.

Everywhere we went we had free beer and free food. Truly a college kid’s dream come true. 

Quote of the trip – “Friends in the corner.”

Couldn’t find my car. Aliens? Stolen? Pranks? Nope, just towed. $246 later and I had it back. 

Just in time for the 13-hour roadtrip. 


Returned home a triumphant survivor with a bag full of beads and a phone full of drunk selfies. 


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