Shotgun Shenanigans

So instead of sticking around my normal stomping grounds, a friend and I roadtripped to VT for a night. We gossiped about fraternity boys and bitches and hoes. I DJed the experience. 

We got cookout and Bacardi then headed to their house. 

Let me paint this picture for you: It was a house full of ROTC guys. So they’re all attractive and fun. I narrowed my sights on one in particular and made my moves. By midnight, we were shenaniganing. He was an impressive individual. I chose wisely. 

It was a monumental night for me because I shotgunned my first beer. And apparently I did it like a champ. Go me.

I danced on a cooler and somehow ended up with a massive bruise on my leg. I got hazed. I learned fun new terms, like Frago. I had pillowtalk till about 5 in the morning. Who needs sleep?

The next day, we piled 8 people into one mini SUV and drove to IHOP. My guy from last night acted as my seatbelt. We had a stellar breakfast experience then roadtripped back to the mothership. 

It was a fun change of pace.


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