“Come Play”

So my parter in crime texted me on a typical Thursday saying “Whatcha doin? COME PLAY!”

My immediate response was “Writing a paper. Nothing important. Let’s play.”

The older I get, the more I realize that you’re not going to get to redo college. This is supposedly the time of your life. Why would I spend it writing a paper when I can carpe noche? I know I’m here to get an education, but the memories I make will be worth so much more than getting an A, in the grand scheme of things. 

With that said, I’m glad I’m that person that can YOLO her life away and still pull off a 3.9. I’m truly blessed. 

So we made some margaritas, called up a DD, and strolled into the local mexican restaurant 5 minutes before they closed. Ordered 3 more margaritas. Champed them. Got back to campus. Made another margarita and wandered to KA. 

Watched them paint a huge poster, sipped my marg, and just hung out with a few of the brothers. 

Hitched a ride back to my FWBs place. Snuggled all night and talked it out the next morning. I need to figure that ish out. 


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