21, YO!

My BFFs 21st was last night at midnight. 

I hotglued candles to a bottle of tequila and bedazzled a fishbowl then filled it with nips. We pregamed at her brothers house then piled into a car and drove to the city. Naturally we took jello shots while en route. 

We got to a club, got some rum and cokes, snuck into the VIP section, and danced around. Got kicked out of the VIP section. 

Birthday girl started throwing up in the bathroom. We broke one of the glass cups when we dropped it on the floor. Good. We started feeding her ice cubes. 

Her brother carried her out of the club. She sat in my lap on the way home. She hung her head out the window the whole time. It was hilarious. She continued to throw up upon our arrival. I rubbed her back for an hour then someone else took over. I began taking shots. That’s really all I remember. 

Apparently I was throwing up until about 5:30 in the morning. Then I fell asleep on the toilet. I woke up in a bed to someone spooning me. It was lovely. I thought it was my best friend till I rolled over. Definitely a male. I knew I didn’t do anything though because I still had all my clothes on. 

Still felt alcohol in my system till about 4pm. Cracked open a beer at 5pm. Happy St. Pattys weekend 😉


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