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Carolina Cup

Dressed up in a lovely red romper and a black sunhat from Walmart. Boarded a bus to the Carolina Cup at 6 in the morning. 

Commenced drinking Effen in Bloody Mary’s. Witnessed some miscellaneous shenanigans. 

When we arrived, we frolicked through the rain. I met a KA from another school that went to my high school. Danced on top of some random party bus. Strategically peed in gross port-a-potties. Fuck umbrellas; acquire rain jackets. 

Drank the juice. 

Danced around with my FWB. Ended up in pictures I don’t recall. Had conversations I also don’t recall. Perhaps I saw horses: I don’t recall. Kept hearing horror stories of our people getting drinking tickets. 

Made it back to the bus. Alex from Florida was covered in mud because he stole a PKP cooler. Cuddled with my FWB the whole way back. Dismounted the bus with some extra bags and a phone from a girl that goes to USC. 

A friend took us to a mexican restaurant. Went to bed at FWBs place around 8pm. Ignored his ever-ringing phone. 

Threw up. Too hungover to sleep till about 6am. Woke up at 7:20am to shoot a class project. FML. 

Mostly fine till 4pm, then I started throwing up again. Stopped around 10pm. Broke my longest record for a hangover: 26 hours.