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My bad.

So formal was this weekend. I dressed in my neon, sequined, tribal patterned dress and proceeded to drink.

Finished a fifth, grabbed some tequila. Made it to formal.

Tore up the dance floor with my adorable date. Started to feel sick from all the movement. After a failed attempt to locate a bathroom, I ended up throwing up right as I walked in. Apparently some of that got on a sister. Go me.

They shipped me right back to the campus on the first bus home. I cried the whole way. Then jumped into the shower – dress and all.

Boyfriend joined me in the shower as I bawled my eyes out and questioned my life choices.

Recovered from the situation – just in time for him to also get sick. Man, we make a grand pair ūüėČ


At least I got a good Instagram picture.


Forgetting Formalities

My sorority’s formal was Friday!

Drank in the shower, smeared on a cake of hoe-makeup, glued on some false lashes, tracked down my regular, and stepped into some 5-inch heels. Ready to go. 

Danced (grinded), chowed down on meatballs, peed way too many times, took so many pictures I don’t recall.¬†

Got back to campus, shenaniganed in the shower with my date. Passed out. 


Woke up at 6:30 to film a school project. Definitely still drunk. I didn’t even lose the fancy Canon I brought.¬†Most excellent.