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Hot Tub Club

Happy finals week! I’m that bitch at the pool that’s already done while everyone else is indoors studying their lives away. 

My red solo cup was filled with popsicles and rum yesterday. 

Then I built my own pizza and sipped some beers at a sorority family dinner. 

Then I went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered a monster margarita. 

Then I proceeded to pass out at an early 10pm. The alcohol won.  

When my roommate tried to communicate with me around midnight, I told her she “wasn’t allowed in the hot tub club.”


I wish I knew what that was. 


Pool Day

Today was the first beautiful day of spring. Grabbed some drinks, put on a tank, and ventured to the pool. Hung out with my sisters, my regular, and some sunglasses. 

Went to an extra credit movie for class – drunk. With a dead phone. While my roommate was texting me some housing drama. 

I can’t. 

Got home and got into bed. Put on shades because turning off the light was more difficult. I amuse myself. 

I’m questioning my life choices. I need to stop.