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Life is a Party

Some highlights from this weekend:

Gained a boyfriend. Lost some bragging rights. 

Made Jell-O shots. Played shot roulette and got white girl wasted. 

Some friends came to town. I’m sure they thought I was mega popular. Everywhere we went people were yelling my name. 

Had a blast at the KS slip n’ slide. Ventured to DSPLXA for a foam party. Avoided ZL1. 

Hung out at the giant puddle that was the KA slip n’ slide. 

Chugged some platinums. Downed some jello. 

Drunk makeup. Went to the school’s concert. Fought to the front of the crowd and just kind of fell asleep. But that’s ok. I saw it all on Snapchat and from what I heard, it wasn’t even that great. 

Apparently I started running with my BFF and we just kind of fell onto some people. Good stuff. 


Glow me.

I’m disappointed. Whenever I interact with PKP brothers, I always end up with a hilariously awkward story to share. But I didn’t end up finding any winners. 

They had a glow party last night. I dressed in my best neon, painted war stripes onto my face, played rum roulette, and ventured into the cold. It took a bit to get in because they were at full capacity, but we made it happen. 

FWB finished his beer; I threw the can across the room. I hope it hit someone annoying.

Got bored, peaced out to KA, played drunk volleyball with a kickball. Left for FWB’s place. Spilled my feelings to him. I really need to stop doing that until I actually decide what I want my next step to be. 

Fell asleep at 6 am, woke up at 8:45 because I had to do an all-day videoshoot for one of my classes. I was absolutely still drunk when I arrived. Go me.