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Hot Tub Club

Happy finals week! I’m that bitch at the pool that’s already done while everyone else is indoors studying their lives away. 

My red solo cup was filled with popsicles and rum yesterday. 

Then I built my own pizza and sipped some beers at a sorority family dinner. 

Then I went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered a monster margarita. 

Then I proceeded to pass out at an early 10pm. The alcohol won.  

When my roommate tried to communicate with me around midnight, I told her she “wasn’t allowed in the hot tub club.”


I wish I knew what that was. 


Shake Your Shamrocks

We had a social with KA last night!

Pregame highlights: Called everyone and told them to come play. The KA president is under the impression that my FWB is my boyfriend. Drank my rum because the jungle juice was black and I wasn’t interested in a vodka mix. I brought a green horn, but we mostly used it in a funnel-fashion. 

Our pregame was huge when we got a call that security was on the way. So we moved the party to the fraternity house. Then we moved it to our final destination. The lights were killer, the DJ was amazing, and the brothers were really fun! I met a lot of them.

I danced around with my FWB. Stole some shamrock-shaped glasses. Requested some songs. Danced with a ton of the brothers. Ventured home for shots. Was one of the last to leave.

Went to KS. Felt weird. Went to DS. Felt weird. Stood outside of Pike. Felt weird. Went home. Felt right.

Ate some microwaved food while sitting on the floor. 

Showered and got a FWB call: “Wanna head back out to a party?” Not particularly. TURN DOWN FOR BED. 

Got a FWB call at 4:30am. “Can you let me in?”

He stripped down to nothing and proceeded to throw up in the sink. Nevermind the fact that the toilet was 3 feet away. Too convenient.

Got to bed around 5:30. Had to wake up for a class project at 8:00. Bueno. 

Found out the next day that he partook in some drugs and took someones keys because he thought they were mine. 


Glow me.

I’m disappointed. Whenever I interact with PKP brothers, I always end up with a hilariously awkward story to share. But I didn’t end up finding any winners. 

They had a glow party last night. I dressed in my best neon, painted war stripes onto my face, played rum roulette, and ventured into the cold. It took a bit to get in because they were at full capacity, but we made it happen. 

FWB finished his beer; I threw the can across the room. I hope it hit someone annoying.

Got bored, peaced out to KA, played drunk volleyball with a kickball. Left for FWB’s place. Spilled my feelings to him. I really need to stop doing that until I actually decide what I want my next step to be. 

Fell asleep at 6 am, woke up at 8:45 because I had to do an all-day videoshoot for one of my classes. I was absolutely still drunk when I arrived. Go me. 


Death by 151

So after a romantic dinner date at BWW with my FWB, we got a sudden text proclaiming a date party. Something along the lines of zip tie handcuffs and a fifth. Sounds like my kind of affair. 

Since it was barely past 9, the ABC store was closed. I couldn’t get something reasonable, so I went for my fifth of 151 rum. Poor choice even if it was already half gone. 

Arrived to the party scene, zip tied, stole a chaser. Champed that 151. Made comments about wanting to set it on fire. Glowed. 

Left the party for beer. Threw up in a parking lot. FWB took me home. Hooked up all over the place, including the shower. Ended up being the drunk crying girl, but FWB pulled me back together. I think. Didn’t sleep till 5 en la mañana. 

Finding my clothes this morning was like a scavenger hunt. 


I’m exhausted and still slightly drunk, but today is big/little reveal so napping isn’t really an option. Damn. 

Family Weekend

SO there was another night of flannels and handles. The rum is now gone. 

My ex-boyfriends good friend texted me. It was super tempting to venture off campus to hang out with him. I didn’t. Good for me. 

Instead, I wandered off to the KS house to boss at flip cup. A regular DL hookup avoided me like the plague. He’s an interesting character. I haven’t cracked the motive on that nut yet. 

My partner in crime wanted to head to the KA house for some other-half time. One of my regulars was slightly creeping. Pledge Ryan fetched me beers. My new fav pledge. I got the awesome opportunity to play giant pong, like trashcans and kickballs. Won. Won. Lost. Totally made my night. 

Moseyed back to KS to frolic with an ex-like character in my life. I don’t regret my decision of staying at his place last night. However, the trip back home was not the funnest. I ran into too many people. 

Now, I get to pretend to be completely sober as I mingle with my family, eat pancakes, and run my sorority’s photo booth. Go me.