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Intern Life

So this summer I’m living with a bunch of fellow interns in a dorm in a shitty town. We frolic a lot and it’s quite enjoyable.

Last night I had 11 drinks and took shots with a big-deal TV anchor. I drunk hula hooped. I danced. I got followed around by a creeper. I had to pee 5,000 times. I walked into the middle of the road. I blacked out. Apparently I’m hilarious. Made so many advances on this other intern, even though we’re both taken. But he’s a nice guy and my boyfriend doesn’t communicate that much, so that’s an interesting situation. 

I woke up to a call from my supervisor: “Where are you?”

Spent the whole day at work drunk/hungover. Killing it. 

Go me. 


Life is a Party

Some highlights from this weekend:

Gained a boyfriend. Lost some bragging rights. 

Made Jell-O shots. Played shot roulette and got white girl wasted. 

Some friends came to town. I’m sure they thought I was mega popular. Everywhere we went people were yelling my name. 

Had a blast at the KS slip n’ slide. Ventured to DSPLXA for a foam party. Avoided ZL1. 

Hung out at the giant puddle that was the KA slip n’ slide. 

Chugged some platinums. Downed some jello. 

Drunk makeup. Went to the school’s concert. Fought to the front of the crowd and just kind of fell asleep. But that’s ok. I saw it all on Snapchat and from what I heard, it wasn’t even that great. 

Apparently I started running with my BFF and we just kind of fell onto some people. Good stuff.