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Carolina Cup

Dressed up in a lovely red romper and a black sunhat from Walmart. Boarded a bus to the Carolina Cup at 6 in the morning. 

Commenced drinking Effen in Bloody Mary’s. Witnessed some miscellaneous shenanigans. 

When we arrived, we frolicked through the rain. I met a KA from another school that went to my high school. Danced on top of some random party bus. Strategically peed in gross port-a-potties. Fuck umbrellas; acquire rain jackets. 

Drank the juice. 

Danced around with my FWB. Ended up in pictures I don’t recall. Had conversations I also don’t recall. Perhaps I saw horses: I don’t recall. Kept hearing horror stories of our people getting drinking tickets. 

Made it back to the bus. Alex from Florida was covered in mud because he stole a PKP cooler. Cuddled with my FWB the whole way back. Dismounted the bus with some extra bags and a phone from a girl that goes to USC. 

A friend took us to a mexican restaurant. Went to bed at FWBs place around 8pm. Ignored his ever-ringing phone. 

Threw up. Too hungover to sleep till about 6am. Woke up at 7:20am to shoot a class project. FML. 

Mostly fine till 4pm, then I started throwing up again. Stopped around 10pm. Broke my longest record for a hangover: 26 hours. 


Shake Your Shamrocks

We had a social with KA last night!

Pregame highlights: Called everyone and told them to come play. The KA president is under the impression that my FWB is my boyfriend. Drank my rum because the jungle juice was black and I wasn’t interested in a vodka mix. I brought a green horn, but we mostly used it in a funnel-fashion. 

Our pregame was huge when we got a call that security was on the way. So we moved the party to the fraternity house. Then we moved it to our final destination. The lights were killer, the DJ was amazing, and the brothers were really fun! I met a lot of them.

I danced around with my FWB. Stole some shamrock-shaped glasses. Requested some songs. Danced with a ton of the brothers. Ventured home for shots. Was one of the last to leave.

Went to KS. Felt weird. Went to DS. Felt weird. Stood outside of Pike. Felt weird. Went home. Felt right.

Ate some microwaved food while sitting on the floor. 

Showered and got a FWB call: “Wanna head back out to a party?” Not particularly. TURN DOWN FOR BED. 

Got a FWB call at 4:30am. “Can you let me in?”

He stripped down to nothing and proceeded to throw up in the sink. Nevermind the fact that the toilet was 3 feet away. Too convenient.

Got to bed around 5:30. Had to wake up for a class project at 8:00. Bueno. 

Found out the next day that he partook in some drugs and took someones keys because he thought they were mine.